Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Transporting Thin Plywood on Roof Racks

Here is how I transported my precious Okoume marine plywood home after driving 96 miles each way to Harbor Sales in Maryland. I made a 4' x 8' frame out of 2" x 3" x 8' wood and put on top of Sears roof racks. I picked a bad day to do it. It was rainy and wind gusts were 30-40 mph. My transport carrier made it home thankfully. At times I was nervous due to the wind slapping noise of the plastic sheeting that was covering the plywood. The plastic took quite a beating but managed to keep most of the sheets dry. I used rachet straps to hold the plywood down. This was the only way I could have transported this thin material by car. Without this carrier, the thin plywood would have flapped around and probably would not have made it. After spending over $200, I wanted to make sure it was secure. This set up worked well and I would use again if needed. This wood is being used for my new stitch and glue guideboat project. More on that later.

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