Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adirondack Guideboat First Launching

Today I launched the Adirondack Guideboat for the first time at Union Lake in Millville, NJ. I got together with Steve from work. His blue kevlar guideboat is pictured next to mine. We had a great time rowing and it was a beautiful fall day at the lake. This was our 3rd annual October row where we get together for a little friendly rowing competition. My guideboat did a little better job keeping with Steve and his guideboat than last year with my Natoma skiff. I am very pleased with my new guideboat and it is a pleasure to row. The glide between row strokes is what I expected and the boat tracks very straight. The fixed pin 8' oars make a big difference in speed and performance too. I still have more to learn in rowing this craft, but the launching was a great success. It is fun to be taken back in time to row a boat with a hull design that was designed more than a century ago. It was built differently back then of course, but the hull shape and weight are essentially the same.

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Brian said...

Dave - Very nice job!