Friday, August 26, 2011

Baseball History

We decided last week to buy tickets from StubHub for the Yankees day game on August 25th, 2011. We bought 3 tickets in the upper deck, section 410 for $11 each. We started our drive up to the Bronx at 9AM and arrived around 11AM. For some reason, I decided to take Harlem River Drive after the George Washington Bridge. HRD is a great way to get to the bridge after the game, but I was not familiar with it getting to the stadium. There were no signs to the stadium and we got a little lost. Once we got turned around to head back in the direction of the stadium, we found a parking lot for $25. Normally parking near the stadium is $35 so we decided to park here. It was a bit of a walk but we made it. I probably would never do again though. No other Yankee fans did what we did, so it was probably not a good idea.
We walked to the stadium and it started to rain lightly. We packed a lunch and ate it undercover in a parking garage near Gate 4 of the stadium.
After we ate, we went in and headed for the Yankees Museum. Then we went to Monument Park. It was raining hard all this time. The start of the game was delayed 1.5 hours. When the game started it was still raining lightly. Phil Hughes did not pitch well and got the Yankees into a 7-1 hole. We were disappointed but in baseball, anything can happen. Russell Martin hit a solo home run to make it 7-2. Robinson Cano then hit a grand slam to make it 7-6. Russell Martin hit the Yankees second grand slam to make it 10-7 Yankees. The Yankees would load the bases in this game 16 times. Curtis Granderson later hit the Yankees 3rd grand slam of the day and made baseball history. Of all the major league baseball games ever played, this had never been done before. The Yankees would up winning 22-9 in a game that lasted 4.5 hours. Many fans did not stay to watch the whole game and missed history. They probably will never admit though. We got home around 9PM very tired.

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