Sunday, April 20, 2014

John Gardner's Car Top Semi Dory Boat

Here is the latest progress picture of a boat I am building.  It is John Gardner's car top semi dory and will be built by glued lapstrake planking using 5mm marine plywood.  I started this boat in Novemember 2013 where I built all the ribs using douglas fir wood.  I was not happy with how those ribs came out as douglas fir is very hard to work with so I started over using baltic birch plywood for the ribs.  The bottom board is 9mm marine plywood.  I will be posting more pictures as I go because the weather is now warming up.  The boat is also taking shape as I recently set up all the ribs and made a backbone structure.  I will be planking using a truss template method.  I hope to get video of this process because I think it will make glued lapstrake building easier for people.

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