Saturday, February 25, 2017

Whittling With Chris Lubkemann

I discovered a book on whittling and woodcarving by Chris Lubkemann.  For some reason, it really interested me so I ordered it on Amazon.  I had been looking a different pocket knifes but he recommended carving with the small knife on a Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army knife.  For around $18, it is a bargain.  Victorinox knives are very high quality.  I really love them.  I did get the book and I found out Chris holds carving workshops at his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the wintertime.  I checked his website, and about 1.5 weeks later I went to one he had scheduled.  I got the last open seat.
Chris is a real inspiration.  His workshop class was excellent.  I learned the proper way to sharpen a carving knife and whittle a wood knife, rooster, flowers and an owl.  He also is very entertaining with stories, and showing little items he has gathered over the years.  He even demonstrated his large slingshot on top of his van.  He shot an apple about 350 feet.  Carving is a great pastime since it is very low cost.  You can find free twigs and branches almost anywhere.  You can make a leather strop from an old belt.
The first picture shows some of Chris' roosters.  The second picture is a rooster he carved in class that I won. The third picture is his large slingshot.

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