Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't Plant In A Garbage Pit

As you may have already guessed, planting in a garbage pit is not a good idea. The pile got hot, as a compost pile is supposed to, and killed off my Highland Star Seed Selke cherry tomato plant that I raised from seed. I was really disappointed! I have no backup plan. I did learn though that I needed to trust my better judgement. I knew that planting in uncomposted material is incorrect, but I still did it anyway believing the directions on the 2,000 tomato producing plant package. I still have seeds, but will have to try again next year, 3/7/2010. I will use the same pile, but it will be well composted by then.

We probably won't be wanting for tomatoes this year. I have 4 plants in the ground already of different varieties. I am going to plant another 4 plants today. I will post more on this later this summer with reviews on the taste of different varieties.

Don't plant in uncomposted food scraps, hay and manure. Duh!

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