Friday, June 12, 2009

Gas Grilling - Weber Baby Q 100

I just tried out the little Weber Baby Q 100 gas grill. I really like the design of this grill and have had an eye on one for about a year now. I have enjoyed charcoal grilling for many years now and have become quite good at it. I decided to get a gas grill to have for those times when you need to grill quickly. I bought this unit last week and really like the looks and design. However, it turned out to be like a George Foreman grill that uses propane gas instead of electric. The grate is cast iron and heavy, so this heated up is how it cooks, rather than a flame or heat from below. I cooked hot dogs one day and they were burned even on low setting. The next day I cooked hamburgers. I was not impressed. It tasted like I cooked inside in a pan and you get that sour smell of meat cooked on a big mass of iron.
I cannot recommend. I will stay with a charcoal grill. It is cheap, simple and easy. The taste from charcoal cannot be replicated by indoor cooking too.
Instead of this unit, you can buy a cheap flat iron griddle with raised ridges on it and cook on the stove. Much cheaper and it will be the exact same taste. Easier to clean up too. Grease gets everywhere on this Weber unit and I had ants all inside it the next day. At least my curiosity about gas grills is satisfied. Never again!

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