Thursday, January 28, 2010

Improving the Economy

Things we don’t need more of:
Cellphones, televisions, stereos, ipods, cars, homes, furniture, planes, weapons, weapons systems, defense spending, self-help books, self-help websites, internet marketing websites, religions, movies, pills, video games, government, lawns, lawn mowers, dangerous power tools, chemicals, restaurants, federal reserve notes, taxes, moochers, IRA’s, stocks, bonds, banks, handouts, bailouts, exercise machines, schedules, agribusiness, debt, talk shows, big retail chain stores, stadiums, regulations, high cost universities and colleges, administrators, copy machines, storage rentals, organized sports for kids, youth sports coaches

Things we do need more of:
Bicycles, healthy food, home grown fruits and vegetables, clean air, clean water, water conservation, renewable energy, solar energy, battery technology for renewable energy storage, environmental cleanup, modern intelligent education- Education of children in personal development skills, relationship skills, finance skills, sustainability skills, environmentalism, hope, sharing, benefits of peaceful economy based on sharing and honoring the land we live on, affordable health care, reputable and effective spiritual healers, community organizations, sharing, scythes, hand tools and skills to use them, natural organic fertilizers, compost, spending time with our neighbors and families, preparing home cooked meals, value backed currency, tree planting, art, Investing in yourself, self sufficiency, individual social value creation, contributors, bodyweight exercises, relaxation, family run farms, saving, music, radio stations that play music you have not heard, small mom and pop stores, permaculture, food forests, time banking-provide a service in exchange for a service, On-line interactive learning, electronic storage, sandlot baseball games, unorganized sports for kids to just have fun

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity to provide things we need more of.

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