Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bicycling and the "Unracer"

After reading Grant Peterson's book, "Just Ride", he made me realize just how brainwashed bicycler's have become driven by the bicycle racing aspect of biking.  Carbon fiber bikes, football shaped helmets, tight clothing, clip in bike shoes, high seats with low handlebars, and tiny thin tires are all fine for racers but for the majority of bike riders it is unnecessary.  For those who want to get back to just enjoying bike riding in comfort, Mr. Peterson has coined the term "Unracer" and I would like to be in this category.  I now have a Bern helmet, which is not like the typical helmet which looks like a football on your head.  This helmet actually looks and feels like it will protect me.  I don't use spandex pants or shirts.  This is not for me.  I am selling my bike shoes and Shimano clip pedals as I think they are dangerous.  I am swapping those pedals out with wider flat pedals.  I don't have special fingerless padded bike gloves.  I try to ride every day and now with my new viewpoint, biking is now more fun than ever.  When I build my wood bike, I plan to put 700c x 28mm or 32mm tires on them and wont pump them up to maximum.  I will keep just enough to prevent bottoming out but provide a nice soft ride.  It is not about light weight, speed and fitness exhaustion at all costs.  I like being an Unracer even though it is kind of a small minority now.

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