Friday, October 17, 2014

Quotes by Me

I like reading quotes from others.  Here are some quotes that I came up with:

“Cost savings at big companies are like the 400 lb. man cutting a bag of m&m’s from his $500 weekly grocery bill. $2 was saved, but there still is a problem.” 

“Ideal is a myth. Work with the reality of the situation” 

“The more detail you provide, the more you have to become a defense attorney” 

“Everyone is working to different agendas, bosses and deadlines. Count it a miracle that anything gets done.” 

“As soon as you take something over from someone else is when all hell breaks loose.” 

“Everybody is a mechanical designer and a cost estimator, until it does not work or there is an audit.” 

“Fear of the future and worrying about the past keeps you from the only place you can do anything about it.” 

“Unexpected things occur. Complaining won’t change a thing. How do you know it is not meant to be that way?” 

“Stock Investing is a marketing term used by the financial industry that really means gambling”  

“Retirement is for those who picked the wrong career.” 

“Because of Industrial Light & Magic, how will we ever know for sure if we really made it to Mars or other planets?” 

“Simple courtesies seem too uncommon unless a boss is looking.” 

“A manager who thinks they are humorous because their staff laugh at them is 10X more funny than any of their jokes” 

“Layers of salaried management hired to run projects pad it with extra time and money until you get to the hourly workers who get neither” 

“People walking hallways on the cell phone are putting on a show rather than actually conducting any real business” 

“If you don’t get something for nothing is true, then you don’t get nothing for something is also true”

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