Sunday, October 19, 2014

Screen Printing

Here are some shirts I did this weekend.  I made up a Freddy's BBQ Joint from House of Cards vector graphic in Inkscape.  I have 2 screens for the red and black.  I used the magnet registration idea from cyclesurgeon on YouTube and it worked well.  For the white on navy, I used Green Galaxy Comet white ink.  It is not plastisol but water based ink and it worked great.  I printed 1 layer, lifted up the screen on Speedball hinges, then flash dried the print with a heat gun on #5 setting for a few minutes.  Then I printed over top of the first print.  Using the screen on hinges ensures the print with register perfectly.  I never had used screen on hinge before but I would never use without now.  They work great!  I also used spray tack adhesive so the shirt stayed in place on the platen.  If the shirt moves after a print then it is almost impossible to register again, even with hinges on the screen frame.

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