Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hand Saw Modifications

Being a big fan of Paul Sellers, I have starting putting together a set of woodworking hand tools that he recommends. These tools, when cared for, can be passed down for many generations.  I had a hard time finding old tenon saws with the steel or brass backs on them. They can be very expensive when you do come across them.  I decided instead to purchase a steel backsaw from Home Depot and a Spear and Jackson saw from Amazon UK.  They came with ugly handles on them with nickel plated fasteners so I decided to re-make those parts to match saws of old.  These saws from 100+ years ago had carved handles that fit your hand and brass saw nuts.  The top saw handle was made from Maple and the bottom saw handle was made from walnut.  The brass backed saw is a Spear and Jackson.  I bought brass rod and brass threaded rod thinking I could make the fasteners myself but I could not get a concentric hole drilled into the rod.  You really need a metal lathe for that.  I found someone from the Home Machinist forum that would make the saw nuts for me.  He just charged shipping so this was very generous of him!  He did a great job too.  Thanks John.

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