Thursday, February 26, 2009

Basement Mural

This is my first attempt at painting a large wall mural. I used acrylic paint. I used brushes and an airbrush. I was thinking about doing this since the summer of 2008. I finally decided to do during my holiday vacation week at the end of 2008. It took me about 1 month to complete. I used the grid method to transfer the small image to a large 4' wide by 3" high image. My son James really loves Star Wars and so do I. I really liked this image of Yoda, so I thought it would look good on the basement playroom wall.

One thing I really had to overcome on this project was procrastination. I used a blank monthly calendar and worked a little each day. After I completed I would make off the calendar with a red "X". After I got started, I kept it going to not break the chain. Once I got painting, the time just went very quickly. When I start drawing or painting, it is like entering another world. I recommend art to anyone whether you can draw or not. There are so many great resources on the internet to help get you started or see what others are doing.

I made my first video for YouTube that shows the progression from bare wall to finished mural.

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