Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boston Whaler Restoration

Back in 2002, I saw an ad in Yahoo for a 1968 , 13’ Boston Whaler Sport for sale. I called and said I was interested and sent the seller a deposit to hold the boat. That weekend, my Dad and I made a 350 mile round trip to Red Lion, PA on a Sunday afternoon to look at the boat. I knew if the hull was sound, nothing else mattered to me and could be restored based on what I read on the continuous wave website. I had bought a new trailer because I knew the existing trailer was not going to make it back. For $500, this is the boat we picked up that day. A 1968 13’ Boston Whaler with serial number intact. A gentleman and his two brothers helped lift the boat on to the new trailer and we towed it home behind my 1992 Honda Accord with 204,000 miles on it. The seller told me that after I called him for the boat, 5 other people called for it too. It was a great buy as the hull for this age was in very good condition. Minor fiberglass repairs were needed but overall it was great. Lots of work went into this boat as you will see in my Flickr Boston Whaler page here.

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