Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twist Marking Gauges

Here are a pair of twist marking gauges I made last year. The one on the left is made from mahogany and the other is made from walnut. A marking gauge is used in woodworking to make layout marks in wood, especially for cutting dovetail joints. To use this gauge, you measure from the sharp point blade to the edge of the marker block with light dot on it. Then you set the marker block by twisting it. It holds really secure. Other marking gauges use a thumbscrew. I saw the article in the December 1994, Issue #42 of American Woodworker. The article on how to make was written by Frank Klausz. I saw Frank at a woodworking show a few years back and got to see his famous European style workbench up close. He is a great teacher and a master woodworker. I really like making wooden hand tools. I will post pictures of more tools in the next few weeks as I get around to taking pictures of them.

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