Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vegetable Seedlings - Growing Our Own

I have now transplanted all of my seedlings to larger containers. It really does make a difference to get the seedlings into larger 4" containers after about 2 weeks, especially tomatoes. I was able to compare sprouts still in 1" flats to sprouts transplanted into 4" pots or cartons. The result was almost double. This showed me that it is the soil that is important and not the fertilizer. Elliot Coleman states to feed the soil, not the plant for best results. Once in the ground, I plan to only feed with compost tea and compost.

Here you can see my set up in the basement with the hydroponic container at the bottom. I am running out of room so I plan to move the larger plants into the hoophouse in the next week or so. I have tomatoes, broccoli, green pepper, lettuce, and snapdragons growing here.

My complete list is:
(5) Broccoli - Burpee green goliath
(4) Green Pepper - Burpee California Wonder
(2) Tomato - Brandywine heirloom
(2) Cherry tomato - Peacevine heirloom Freedom Seeds
(2) Selke cherry tomato - Highlands Star seeds heirloom
(6) Cherry tomato - Burpee hybrid Sun Gold
(4) Cherry tomato - Burpee hybrid Sweet Baby Girl
(7) Beefsteak Tomato - Conway organic heirloom
(2) Tomato - Cherokee Purple heirloom Freedom Seeds
(4) Tomato - Burpee hybrid Steak Sandwich

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