Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cheap and Easy Power Washing

Here is my version of power washing equipment for house, siding and decks. You were probably expecting to see a Troy-Bilt pressure washer unit with a Honda engine on it complete with an on-board detergent tank. I almost got suckered into buying one for $350 but thought there had to be a better way.

A neighbor had a local man power wash their ranch house and fencing for $250+. He had been doing this each year for about 10 years. We were asked if we wanted our house cleaned by him too and we got an estimate. We almost went through with it. I don't like to deny local business people a chance to earn a living but this was a bit extreme for pricing. I went out to look at pressure washers at Lowes and almost bought one. I held off though. Something did not seem right.

Today I decided to keep it simple. I bought 2 brush heads (1 course for decks and 1 soft for siding), and an extension pole for $30. I filled up a bucket with a very diluted solution of Simple Green. I sprayed down the porch siding, windows, soffets and front face of gutters. I went over all surfaces with the brush and hosed off. It took all of 45 minutes to do. I don't think a pressure washer would have been faster and maybe slower. I found a great solution. No exhaust or loud noises either.

I also feel good about not having to buy another gas powered piece of equipment that I have to: store, maintain and wear ear protection to operate. I will go around my house and do a little each day. Eventually I will get it done. I will also get some exercise and maybe help show a few others that it pays to keep things simple.

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