Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fixed Gear Bike

This is my fixed gear bicycle. I transformed it in 2006 from a 1982 Fuji Royale 12 speed. It has IRO wheels on it which are excellent wheels. While it was fixed at a single gear (42-15 cog), it still had brakes on it. I have about 700 miles on it after fixing it. I have noticed fixed gears bikes are becoming more and more popular. I really enjoy it. There is no coasting though and no brakes. "Fixed" means the pedals are always turning either forward or backward. You use your legs to pedal and slow down. Just last week I made the final move to remove the brakes after seeing several messengers in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. It is dangerous, but I no longer commute with this bike. I use my Cannondale, road bikes with changeable gears and brakes. This bike is just now for fun around town and riding slow with my son. I really like how it looks. Stripped down and simple. Not much to go wrong with it. Perfect!

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