Monday, March 2, 2009

Yankee Stadium Memories

The following are my recollections about trips to the old Yankee Stadium. I will really miss going there. I am really grateful to have seen it pre-1973 prior to renovations.

June 24, 1970 - First game at Yankee Stadium. Bobby Murcer hits 4 home runs in the double header. Steve Hamilton strikes out a batter on a folly floater and batter crawled back to dugout. Firecracker lands in Ray Fosse's leg and he does a backwards somersault when it goes off. Vada Pinson gets into fight at home plate. Walking up the tunnel and seeing the friese and field for the first time was a great thrill.

Yankee stadium tour with my brother, Gib. We went through clubhouse, press box, dugouts and monument park with Tony Maranti.

Second yankee stadium tour in 2002 with Gib. We brought a ball and mitts and had catch on warning track in outfield. We walked on the warning track out to monument park.

Dad, Gib and I visited yankee stadium in 1973 during start of demolition. Went in visitors dugout, home plate and mound. My Dad bought two box seats for $25 each.

I went to Manny's baseball land under subway outside stadium to buy Pirate yearbook in 1972.

We went to Mickey Mantle memorial day after he died on August 1995. Number 7 was painted on field.

My wife's first game at Yankee Stadium against Oakland A's ALDS game #2. The Ticket sold to me was for game #1 by accident but i still used it and got in. I got $350 back and it was a good thing since Roger Clemens was bombed that night and they lost.

June 17, 1978, vs. California Angels. Ron Guidry strikes out 18, and Joe Rudi 4 times.

Reggie Jackson gave the finger to the crowd at a game we attended in 1977. I cannot remember the game date. My brother witnessed this too but it was never written or heard about again. Can you imagine is A-Rod did this today?

Gib met Reggie Jackson and gave him a painting. Reggie went and got a ball which he signed for Gib.

The 1978 championship season was really exciting and we rode up to many games in a 1967 red volkswagen with Gib. Baseball was still affordable for us as young fans.

Opening day against A's in 1997 where the championship banner was raised.

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